Green Ibiza

Respect for the environment and eco – friendliness are very much present in Ibiza.

At DABA, we organise “GREEN” events in which our hotels, restaurants and activities are totally sustainable and in harmony with the natural environment.

We have an interesting selection of sustainable hotels that comply with the Green Concept Policy. They recycle and use renewable energy without renouncing to a five star comfort and design.

Jointly we organise environmental activities such as sailing to Formentera, cycling excursions, local cooking classes, regional wine tasting and plenty more.

The Restaurants and beach clubs that we propose for these programs have been especially chosen because of the care they take in selecting organic foods and how are cooked, always under the supervision of front-line chefs and natural surroundings.

We complement our events with eco gifts made of bamboo, wood, recycled materials, organic cotton and others, so that visitors get to keep a reminder of their Eco Experience in Ibiza.

Date: November 13, 2012