Convention for Senior Executives from Niscayah

The company Securitas Sistemas changed its name and corporate image to be hived off from its parent company. It needed its own identity as a sole corporation since it is listed on the stock exchange. Consequently, a convention for senior executives was organised to discuss this change and how to focus it on clients.

Training workrooms and indoor exercises were organised to build up proactivity, flexibility, collaboration, critical spirit and determination. Fernando Cortiñas, marketing guru and a superb speaker, gave a conference to close off the workroom sessions. He is considered nowadays a well renowned speaker all over Spain because of his education and charisma.

A metaphorical – activity was organised outdoors paralleling the company name change with its new “launch”. It involved the real take – off of 12 hot air balloons personalized with the company’s new logo. After dividing the group in teams, they overflew Segovia. This activity became a record of aerostatic balloons simultaneously up in the air. It was supervised by Laureano Casado, an eminence from the aviation sector and a businessman with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology on the field of Industrial Psychology. The event ended with his speech By the shores of heaven”, the same name used during his participation on the TV show “Al filo de lo imposible” in which he conveyed the philosophy of “adding life to years and not years to life”.


Date: September 07, 2012