International Convention 3i, Madrid

The annual meeting for international investors from 3i, London takes place in a different European city once a year. Daba was selected to organise in Madrid a Convention that blended with elegance avant-garde and tradition from our capital.

We accommodated the 200 VIP investors Group from different countries in the five continents, at the fashionable five star Puerta de America Hotel, where the internal Convention was held during three days. Eating, social, and cultural habits from all participants where considered throughout the Convention to bring them closer in despite of their differences. The meeting room was decorated by us for this occasion and a team provided bilingual support at all times according to the clients’ requirements.

We also handled the entire event in the city of Madrid, where special dinners were celebrated in places as diverse as Casa Patas, the Casino of Madrid or the area of La Latina. This way the participants had the chance to enjoy the city from different perspectives.

To finish off these sessions, a participating company from the food sector organised a cooking show, in which everyone could enjoy their products and even experience its elaboration. This event was organised by DABA using the hotel terraces.



Date: September 07, 2012